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Identify custom concepts in text

Enrich your unstructured data with concepts that are relevant to you.

Kensho's Classify service allows you to train purpose-built classification models specific to the domain(s) most relevant to your business use cases.

From just a small sample of data, create performant, scalable models that will automatically enrich your documents with information to power your most complex analytics.

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Classify API Guides & FAQs

Guides to help quickly setup, access, and use the Classify API


API Specification

Specification of Classify RESTful API service

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Auth Quickstart

Generate a JWT or keypair to authenticate to the Classify API

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API Usage Quickstart

Build models and annotate text using the Classify API

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Classify API FAQs

Check the FAQs for answers to the most common questions

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Video Guides

Watch our video guides on how to use Classify

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